Thank You – Next Steps

Congratulations! You’ve just applied to join one of the most trusted brands in fitness.

We’ve reviewed your request for information and everything looks great so far; however, we did notice that you have less than the recommended capital to invest in this opportunity currently.

If that sounds like an error, please email me at [email protected] to let us know.

If that number is accurate, let’s discuss some actions you can take now to raise the capital you need to to achieve your goal of opening a Fit Body Boot Camp.

You can successfully open your own Fit Body Boot Camp for anywhere between $151,100 – $213,100.

That breaks down to an initial investment of $49,600, approximately $45,000-$60,000 to secure your location, build it out, get your equipment, and put down your rent deposit and first month’s rent. We also suggest having about $20,000-$40,000 in working capital set aside.

We have had many owners apply for a franchise in a situation similar to yours and go on to open successful businesses. Some of them decided to bring on investors, either public or private. Others have raised capital through their own personal networks.

The important thing is that you have many options to raise the capital you need soon and secure your territory while it’s still available.

And to help you out, I’ll be emailing you some of our best resources to guide you through that process and decide which option best serves you.

If you don’t have a plan already, our top recommendation is to start with our preferred lenders.

Here’s why:

  • Your bank will most likely want to see a business plan before they approve your loan, which means more paperwork and longer wait times for you. Plus, most banks want at minimum a 5-10 year loan with no option to pay it back early!
  • Instead of that, our recommended business lenders below will let you take out a flexible loan so you can avoid extra overhead, and they won’t require a full business plan—just a personal credit check. For you, this means safer, faster funding for this exciting opportunity!

Here’s the contact information for two of our recommended lenders:

Don Johnson
Business Finance Consultant
Diamond Financial Services
[email protected]
Steve Stovall
VP of Business Development
Benetrends Financial
[email protected]

As soon you’ve spoken with a business lender, contact me at [email protected].

Once we’ve worked out a plan for your initial investment, we know you’re going to be a perfect fit for us, so let’s keep on moving!

Talk soon,

Trish Chan
Franchising Business Manager
[email protected]
Mon-Fri. 8am-5pm PST
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED