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When Adopting a Fitness Boot Camp Business Plan Consider These Tips

Every bit of advice counts when opening a fitness boot camp business, because the more you take the time to learn about business and marketing, the faster your personal training business or boot camp business for that matter, will take off. Here are a few awesome tips to help set expectations about starting a boot camp business and making sure it’s as successful as can be.

Scripted Orientation

It’s a great idea to have consistency in your fitness boot camp business so that clients always know what to expect when they start coming to boot camp. Take the time to figure out what works and stick with it, giving each member the same expectations, layout, and pricing. This will go a long way in providing consistency, and make it easier for your employees to understand how you want your boot camp’s orientation to run.

Set Closing Script

Using the same closing script in a fitness boot camp business every time makes for a predictable outcome that’s ideal for everyone working in your boot camp business. Staying consistent and predictable when closing with a client will alleviate a lot of headaches and keep things running smoothly.


An initial face-to-face meeting with every new member is critical in the success of a fitness boot camp business. This simple act will make a connection with your clients and make them feel special, more likely to trust you and what your boot camp has to offer. A close relationship with your clients is what makes them stick to your program; believe it!

Referrals With Incentives

A gesture in the form of a gift, such as a free t-shirt, towel, or a giftcard, will be what pushes people to promote your business. Your clients will bring you new leads because they want to, not because they have to. On a side note, be sure you get all the details you need from your referral upfront because trying to get an email address or a phone number after the fact can be pretty difficult.

Focus On Activities With High Return

It’s incredibly important to spend your time wisely when looking to succeed in a fitness boot camp business. There’s no need to spend time updating your Facebook page with a new fitness routine if you aren’t gaining popularity in doing so. You are better off spending that time getting to know your new members because you never know how many solid leads people may have unless you show some interest. Facebook is an amazing tool when used properly, but if you’re not sure of how to properly promote your fitness business you could be wasting all your precious time.

Be Visible

It’s important in any fitness boot camp business that you are visible. You need to be recognizable and seen at public events interacting with people regularly. It’s important that you introduce yourself to people, remember their name, and make them feel special. Try putting on fundraisers to collect contact information from local businesses and let them know what your services have to offer and how that’s relevant to their business. You’d be surprised how many people want to help build your business, but you need to ask them to get it.

Create An Amazing Atmosphere And Experience

This is invaluable when building a fitness boot camp business because people will remember you for it. Make this the best part of a person’s day by going out of your way to know everyone and leave them with something to remember. It’s as simple as having incredible energy in the room with music blasting and getting people to feed off of this intensity. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something to make the experience fun, unique, and memorable.

Special Lower Cost Entry Program

Running a lower cost program for new people is a fantastic idea for your boot camp business. You may end up with a little less profit than what you wanted initially, but that goes away once those new people are hooked and want to keep coming to your boot camp. It’s a great way to overcome those financial objections and bring new clients through your door.

Improve Current Networking By Simply Asking For Referrals

This is as simple as it sounds. Ask your clients for referrals. Make bringing in referrals a condition of doing business with you by setting the expectation early on. If your clients know, like, and trust you enough then they won’t stop raving about you and your business. But you have to make that effort early on, so that your clients aren’t caught off guard when you ask them if they know anyone who may need to get in shape. Make your clients understand that you’re there to help as many people as possible and you can only do that when they refer their friends and family.

Enhance The Experience

In a fitness boot camp business it’s important to recognize your members and make them feel special because that’s what makes a fitness boot camp business thrive. Without your solid base of dedicated members you really have nothing, so let them know how important they are and you will be rewarded big time in the near future. Things like awards and graduation certificates go a long way in retaining clients and growing your business.

Wheel And Deal

Do what you can to trade free personal training for free advertising because that can help you get the word out about your business without costing you a lot out of pocket. Offer special programs to those people who you could benefit from the most. Publicity is great in helping with success and exposure.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress allows you to have something measurable so you know what to improve on. Your fitness boot camp business is only going to get better if you can see where the strengths and weaknesses are, where you are doing well, and know where a few adjustments need to be made. The sooner you fix any problems the better off your business will be.

Get Clients Results

Make it possible for your clients to lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. In doing this, your fitness boot camp business has no choice but to succeed because you are delivering, true to your word.

There are hundreds of ideas that can help propel any fitness boot camp business, but what’s important is that you keep it simple and stick with what’s working. Don’t try to fix things that aren’t broken. Do this and you’ll find nothing but success in your boot camp business.

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