Starting A Fitness Boot Camp Business

Starting a Fitness Boot Camp Business is Your Way to Success

Are you thinking about starting a fitness business but you’re not sure what kind or how to get started? There are many opportunities for a fitness entrepreneur to start a fitness business especially with the continuous increase in obesity over the last decade. If you’re really looking to change people’s lives and provide yourself with a prosperous and rewarding life than starting a fitness boot camp business should be the top on your list.

Boot camps are one of the fastest growing workout programs in the industry. People are becoming frustrated with big box gyms; the overcrowding, broken machines, and terrible customer service, and some exercisers feel personal trainers are too expensive, while others feel they just don’t have the time to work out. Fitness boot camps are the answer to these general complaints.

We obviously know the military style workout is successful as it has been around for many years getting and keeping soldiers in top shape. Today, the successful boot camp trainers are combining the roots of the military workout with new cutting-edge exercises and providing a workout regime people are excited about. There is no reason why you can’t be a part of this expanding market.

Before you start on this exciting journey there are some important factors to consider and get in place. The first necessary requirement is that you must be a certified personal trainer with some kind of fitness background otherwise you will not be credible to your potential clients. If you are looking at starting a fitness boot camp business purely for profits and do not want to become a certified trainer and conduct the classes yourself then it is necessary to hire certified personal trainers to operate the classes for you.

Remember, people will come to your facility base on the classes, workouts, and experience you offer so it’s important to shoot for the best. And clients will definitely ask to see certifications. In fact, the certificates should be hanging on the walls in your facility. When clients see proof of your education they have confidence in your skills and experience.

Insurance and business permits are another important aspect of starting your business. Having insurance protects you from personal lawsuits and liability. Coverage is really important to understand before you start any fitness program. This is also why you should know what type of exercises you will typically perform and whether you will conduct classes indoors or outdoors or both. It is also important to have a consultation with your clients to ensure no one has any major medical conditions that could possibly be aggravated by the fitness boot camp class. The bottom line is making sure you are covered.

A business permit is essential so the city in which you are conducting classes doesn’t interfere with you making money. Some trainers think because their fitness business or client base is small that it doesn’t require a permit. This is completely wrong. Make sure you check the rules of your local city and obtain exactly what you need so there are not hassles down the road.

As mentioned previously, you want to know what type of routine you want to instruct as this determines what kind of equipment and atmosphere you can teach in. This decision also determines who your target market will be. A good idea for deciding on your workout routines and target market is to stick to your strength and passion. If you are a previous athlete than maybe working with more athletic clients and a higher level of intensity will work to your benefit. Once you know your target market you will be able to design your marketing strategy, which leads me into the next area of importance.

Once you have established the basic necessities and you know who your main clientele will be you will need top notch marketing to bring in prospects. There are many ways to successfully market your fitness boot camp; some cost money and some don’t.

Word of mouth and referrals are marketing strategies that never fail and doesn’t cost anything. You begin the process by telling everyone you know that you are starting a business and ask them to spread the word for you. Inform them of the grand opening and invite everyone. Offer a 2 for 1 special if they bring a friend. Once people have joined your boot camp offer them some kind of reward or incentive for referring family and friends. This is a win-win situation.

Social media is another great marketing strategy and doesn’t have to cost anything either. Facebook alone has over 500 million users so if you were to use this networking site only you can see the potential of reaching people. All that is required is for you to create a fan page for your business. You can then use the site to show off your client’s success stories, photos of your classes, quotes, make comments of events happening in your own life so as to be more personal, and the list goes on. You may start with your own client list, but once you start posting things your fans like all they have to do are “like” your post and bam all their friends see it too, and that means more exposure for you. If you want to get more aggressive you can advertise on Facebook, but that will cost money.

Starting a fitness business is an exciting and excellent opportunity to become a successful fitness entrepreneur. The potential to make a more than satisfying income is up to you. You have to decide, what you want out of your business and how hard you are willing to work to get there. With the right foundation, business plan, and strategies you will be on your way to improving people’s lives and to financial freedom. Keep in mind, success doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t going to get handed to you on a silver platter so make sure you are ready to persevere.

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