Starting A Personal Training Franchise

Starting a Personal Training Franchise is a Way to Financial Success

Starting a personal training franchise is a great way to financial freedom and to make a difference in many people’s lives. With society’s serious weight problem today, people are looking for convenient ways to change their lives and become healthier individuals. The market for a personal training franchise is big. With the easy access to junk food, daily inactivity where people would rather watch TV, play video games or spend countless hours on Facebook are causing obesity to rise. The seriousness for weight and health problems related to obesity is steadily raising the desire for exercise and physical and mental well- being. There are many personal trainers in every city but if you want to be a part of this big market than starting a personal training franchise is the way to go.

For many personal trainers, the thought of starting their own fitness business is a little nerve racking especially if you don’t have any experience. As with any business, there are risks involved but that’s what makes starting a personal training business through a franchise so attractive. Why should you lose sleep at night when a franchise company already has everything figured out. A franchise has strategies for finding the best location in your area, hookups for gym equipment, and proven marketing techniques.

The advantages of starting a personal training franchise can be quite large. You get to focus on the things you do best and the franchise handles the business development strategies which include:

  • Providing assistance with demographic data so you get the best location possible
  • Guidance on creating your business plan including finance
  • Assisting in the negotiation of the facility lease
  • Many personal training franchises include software that assists with managing the daily operation and finances in addition to the website brand and sales copy
  • A key benefit is the operational guidance you receive on developing your company’s business policies, hiring quality employees, recruiting strategies, employment laws and accounting responsibilities, and an overall business strategy.

However, the best value you receive when starting a personal training franchise is acquiring proven marketing plans and business models. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to get your business off the ground, and to avoid making costly mistakes, choose a reputable fitness franchise that has the experience to get your fitness business up and running faster and start making some money.

You will receive priceless training, which includes on-site evolvement of your facility. You will also receive support for technical and business planning in areas like how to work efficiently with employees, effective hiring strategies, and website setup and marketing promotions.

When starting a personal training franchise you are investing in an actual business partnership for what should be long term so it is wise to do considerable amount of research on the franchise corporations. Just like it is important for a client to research a personal trainer and find one that suits their needs and goals, you need to do the same with your fitness business.

So what exactly should you do? For starters, you should call as many existing franchisees of the desired organization you’re inquiring about and ask many questions about the relationship, start up and support the franchisees received. It is required by law that the franchise corporation gives you a list of franchisees with contact information. So, if you are told otherwise, then you need to turn the other way and look elsewhere.

Again, you can compare this task with those of clients who ask for referrals of existing customers. Your clients want to make sure you are what you say you and you need to do this even more so with a franchise company that you will be investing a lot of money in. Ask a ton of questions and inquire if the franchisees are satisfied with the franchise company and the results of the business. Pay close attention to any legal action against the franchisor. Any legal action has to be disclosed.

Ok, so we all know that opening a fitness business is going to cost money, period! And some fitness entrepreneurs say they don’t want to pay franchise fees. However, it’s advantageous to you and your business to sit down and figure out the true cost of doing this on your own versus starting a personal training franchise with a company that is already branded and has build a reputation and has strategies in place to get you going immediately. Is the money you save by not paying a franchise fee really worth the possibility of taking risks and making mistakes? Is the delay in starting your business worth doing it on your own? With a personal training franchise you can be up and running must faster than if you go about it on your own.

Starting a personal training franchise can be very rewarding is many ways and not just monetarily. In today’s heartless world and growing economic crisis, it is rewarding to help people make a real difference in their life by being healthy and happy. Being fit and healthy truly leads to a happier and longer life. This is definitely attractive and you can be a big part of this fast growing market.

And, is there something wrong with earning a decent living doing something you enjoy and helping people in the process? Not at all! Just keep in mind that just because you own a personal training franchise doesn’t automatically makes you a great personal trainer. You are the one that needs to attain the education and certifications required and you are the one that has to sincerely care about your clients, your employees, and how you operate your new personal training business. Starting a personal training franchise should be an exciting experience. With your desire, perseverance and love for what you do combined with the knowledge and experience of a franchise, success will not be too far away.

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