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The most simple, scalable fitness franchise opportunity with the best franchisee support in the industry and unbeatable vendor buying power

Trend-Setting Fitness Marketing Systems All Working to Flood Your Fit Body Boot Camp with More Leads, Prospects, and Clients.

We’ve engineered an online marketing behemoth that makes it easy to rapidly fill your Fit Body Boot Camp facility with clients. With a website you won’t have to build, ads we’ll write for you, and marketing campaigns we manage, demand for our boot camps is always through the roof. But the real secret is…

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FBBC is the best gym franchise and offers high intensity workouts like the battle rope station

Powerful Workouts That Bring Results Like Nothing Else Can

When most people think of “Weight Loss” they see row after row of boring elliptical machines, and mind numbing treadmills— not with Fit body Boot Camp. Our Afterburn workouts use state-of-the-art exercise techniques to deliver truly incredible results. Plus, we’ve got new ones every day.  More on Workouts

The Lowest Franchise Startup And Operating Costs Out There

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We've specialized every aspect of our model, from building needs to facility equipment and layout, to be profit maximizing for you. With low startup fees and streamlined operaring costs, there's no other fitness franchise so carefully engineered to make you profits.

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Bedros Keuilian offers support and training to new owners on running their Fit Body Boot Camp, a top fitness franchise

All-in support: Face-to-face, online, email, on the phone or however you need it - we're there for you!

After years of supporting and training FBBC owners we’ve mastered just about every issue, question, or challenge you could possibly encounter. And when problems do pop up we’ve got the resources you need to handle just about anything. With training videos, webinars, Q&A sessions, phone support calls and live events we’ve always got you covered no matter what.
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Empowering Education that gives you everything you need to succeed

Join our Fit Body Boot Camp University Professors here in sunny Southern California and they’ll walk you through each and every aspect of owning your own successful boot camp. New to the Fitness Industry? Doesn’t matter. Our systems can transform you into a knowledgeable, successful business owner with all the tools you need for ultimate success.
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Real Stories, Real Successes

Take a look around this website. You’ll see page after page of ordinary, honest folks who have become some of the most successful small business owners in the fitness industry. Listen as they share their personal experiences with our support, training, and marketing systems. And if tiny pictures and quotations aren’t your style, give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with a current owner who is dying to tell just how life-changing Fit Body Boot Camp ownership can be.
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