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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that prospective owners ask about opening and operating a Fit Body Boot Camp.

Q: What makes Fit Body Boot Camp different from other boot camps?

We have a unique business model that goes against the traditional boot camp formula. Fit Body Boot Camps are indoors, our workouts inspire fun and we have the specially formulated “Unstoppable Fitness Formula” that gets clients proven results. On the business side, we have proven marketing, businesses and operations systems and processes to help position to be successful.

Q: What do I get with my franchise fee?

Your franchise fee covers a number of items. First, it reserves and protects your territory as you begin the process of opening your location. From there, you get a Marketing Team that develops and implements on-going online programs for you and develops offline marketing programs that you implement; a Technology Team that handles your website (which we build, customize, host, and maintain for you) and who also optimizes your website for the search engines in your territory; a dedicated Business Coach to help answer any questions you have on your business, and on-going administrative assistance from our HQ. Franchisees also receive access to a secure Owners-only membership website that houses all of your business documents, marketing templates, and exercise library. You also have access to our Fit Body Boot Camp University courses (classroom and hands-on), and attendance to the Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference. Owners also get access to favorable relationships with companies like TRX, Groupon, SpaFinder and other companies who we partner with that are synergistic with Fit Body Boot Camp’s business.

Q: Is a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise right for me?

There are a number of determining factors in deciding if a Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise is right for you. We will go through a process that has worked for hundreds of Owners to make sure you feel comfortable in your decision and there is a mutual fit between you and us.


Q: Why do you call yourselves the “anti-franchise franchise?”

Most Franchises work on a sliding income sale with monthly royalty fees calculated on a % of gross revenues. Thus, the more successful your franchise is and the more you make, the more you pay in monthly royalty fees. It doesn’t work like that with a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise. We don’t believe in punishing you for being successful. Our Monthly Royalty Fee is a flat fee and it doesn’t change as you become more successful.


Q: How many units do I have to commit to?

You only have to commit to one location, but we hope that you will grow with your business and want to commit to multiple locations, securing a larger territory, or branching out to other states.


Q: What is the cost of opening a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise?

The cost of opening a location will vary by state. There is an Initial Franchise Fee and the flat Monthly Royalty Fee. From there, the cost to set-up a location will be dependent upon the type and size of location you choose and your build-out requirements. We have a list of recommended equipment and guidelines for what each location should have – these costs are discussed during our onboarding process.


Q: Will I have a protected territory?

Yes, you will have a protected territory. Each location is given a complete demographic work-up we call a Territory Summary.


Q: Do you have financing?

We currently do not offer financing.


Q: What is the duration of the Franchise contract?

The duration is 7 years, and is renewable.


Q: What type of training will I get?

Fit Body Boot Camp offers initial and ongoing training for Owners, Managers and Trainers. We currently have two courses offered through Fit Body Boot Camp University that combine classroom and hands-on training.


Q: What on-going training will I get?

As we add courses to Fit Body Boot Camp University, you will be entitled to attend/view these sessions as they become available. Our secure Membership Site also has lots of videos and content for owners to continue to reference. Lastly, a dedicated Business Coach provides on-going coaching for Owners.


Q: How do I get a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is given to recipients that go through our onboarding process and are interested in opening a Fit Body Boot Camp location.


Q: What if I don’t have my own location?

You do not need to own a location. Many of our owners lease their stand-alone locations.


Q: Can I have a partner(s)?

You may have a partner, but all partnership agreements are outside of Fit Body Boot Camp’s control and must be managed separately by the partners. In the case where partners are listed as co-owners of a Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp will require a copy of the partnership agreement.


Q: What is the expected timeframe to open a location?

The timeframe can vary based on finding a location, tenant improvements and other commitments. We recommend and encourage each Owner to open their location within 90 days of signing the Franchise Agreement.


Q: Will FBBC physically help me find a location?

We have a process to help you find the right resources to help you in finding and securing a location. We also pair you up with our partner, Catalyst, who will be able to help you find a facilitiy!


Q: Will FBBC physically inspect my location upon opening?

Fit Body Boot Camp will not physically inspect your location but will ask for pictures of your location to ensure clients are getting the same experience in each location. Should a member of FBBC HQ be in the area near your location, there is a chance they will visit.


We hope that the FAQ’s answered all of your questions.  If you’re interested in learning more about being a Fit Body Boot Camp owner and seeing the opportunity that’s available to you, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form below.  Once we receive your EOI Form, we will reach out to you to set-up an introduction call to see if FBBC will be a good fit for you.

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