How Fit Body Boot Camp Came to Be

How Fit Body Boot Camp Came to Be

The Inception of a Franchise Model

“Since the 1980’s,” says Bedros Keuilian, founder, and CEO of the Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise, “personal training has, for the most part, remained the same: one-on-one, 60-minute training sessions that resulted in long working hours, a non-scalable business, and inevitable burn out.”

“In fact,” he remembers, “that was exactly the case for me.” Even though Bedros owned and operated a one-on-one personal training business with over 300 clients and a dozen trainers, he found himself burnt out and exhausted with a business that required such a large staff but produced very low profits. As passionate as he was about the fitness industry, he knew that the traditional model of one-on-one personal training was broken.

Bedros Keuilian plans his strategy on how to take his personal training franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, to the next level.

Fixing a Broken Business Model

After recognizing that the ‘traditional’ way of operating a personal training business was flawed and incapable of servicing the growing fitness needs of the masses, Bedros realized that the fitness industry was migrating to a new fitness training model: boot camp style training.

The fitness boot camp business model afforded the business owner greater profits as well as more opportunity to leverage and scale while providing clients with additional exercise programming, more flexibility in scheduling, and less monetary barriers than expensive private training.

“However,” explains Bedros, “the original fitness boot camp business model was also broken. Initially, boot camps took place outdoors, in parks and parking lots, and were, therefore, unpredictable due to weather and location availability. vIn addition to that, outdoor boot camps were severely limited by equipment that not only hindered the client results but often times caused accidents and injuries.v It was so bad that cities, unwilling to take responsibility for the risk and liability, began banning outdoor fitness boot camp programs.”

Personal Training Can Be a Scalable Business

But even while the business model was yet to be entirely perfected, the initial success of this new format proved that personal training was scalable.  Bedros then realized that he could transform his business into one that was not only far more profitable but also more available for individuals with fewer resources than the celebrities and the financially elite who were his usual clients. So he evolved the ‘raw’ fitness boot camp model to what many have called “the perfect fitness business.”  He created Fit Body Boot Camp, an indoor fitness boot camp business complete with the proven step-by-step operation, marketing, sales, retention, and referral generation systems.

In addition to that, the Fit Body Boot Camp model provides a superior workout experience with its main focus on client experience and it’s training programs customized for fat loss, body toning, and improved overall fitness levels.

New Brand of Fitness Franchise Was Born: Fit Body Boot Camp

Not only are Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owners empowered with a proven business blueprint, but Bedros has also crafted what is now known as the “secret sauce” that makes Fit body Boot Camp so unique and so amazing at delivering incredible fitness and fat loss results: the Unstoppable Fitness Formula™.

Always committed to delivering excellence to franchise owners and finding a better way to deliver fitness and fat loss results to the end user, Fit Body Boot Camp continues to be recognized as a leader in the industry: blazing new trails while revolutionizing the business of fitness.

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