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For nearly three decades, Fit Body Boot Camp franchisee Shawna Kaminski has helped thousands of people find fulfillment in fitness. Her love of sports and wellness, along with an unwavering commitment to helping others, has driven the course of her entire career.

These passions prompted her to become an elementary school gym teacher and, later, open a gym of her own.

“I think the best way to serve people is through teaching, and I always felt called to the profession to help as many people as I could,” Shawna said. “Even just a few years into teaching, I felt like I needed to reach even more people and help them pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. In addition to helping children, I realized I could have a bigger impact if I helped their mothers.”

That’s when Shawna decided to open a small business on the side – a startup fitness studio run out of her home. She would later convert this business into a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise, but at the time, the brand did not yet exist.

In the meantime, Shawna was running the independent, home-based fitness studio on her own, with no guidance or support. She found herself turning to business coaches and other outside resources for direction and advice.

“I went to a ‘fitness business’ summit organized by an unbelievable speaker and business coach,” Shawna said. “He had amazing insights about the fitness industry and its growth, plus all these comprehensive strategies to run a successful fitness business.”

That business coach was Bedros Keuilian, the future founder of Fit Body Boot Camp.

From Startup Studio to Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise

Shawna Kaminski Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Owner

A few years after Shawna heard Bedros speak, he announced the launch of the Fit Body Boot Camp fitness franchise.

“I began doing business coaching with Bedros so I could continue learning from him while running my studio,” Shawna said. “I was implementing all his business strategies into my own branded fitness boot camp. It was such a natural fit for me to jump on board Fit Body Boot Camp once he rolled it out.”

Shawna resigned from teaching P.E. in 2007 to pursue her fitness passion full time. She converted her fitness business into a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise in 2010.

Running a fitness business on my own versus with the support I had with Fit Body Boot Camp, even at the brand’s very start, was like night and day,” Shawna said. “Within the franchise, everything from the marketing and promotions programs, to pre-established client sales funnels and operations – it’s all done for you, based on the best expertise in the industry.”

When Shawna opened her initial startup fitness studio, she ran the business out of her own home and primarily trained clients outdoors. She then began subleasing space at a soccer center.

“The business took off, and with the franchise’s extensive support and direction, I opened my own brick-and-mortar Fit Body Boot Camp gym,” Shawna said. “At that point, I was handling 80 percent of the teaching and coaching myself, along with one other coach.”

Now, Shawna has six-coaching staff and more than 200 clients at her gym.

Shawna Kaminiski's Fitness Studio
Workout in Session at Shawna’s Fit Body Boot Camp Fitness Studio

A Fast-Growing Franchise at Every Level

The exponential growth of Shawna’s individual franchise mirrors the rapid expansion driving the broader Fit Body Boot Camp brand. With more than 700 locations and counting, Fit Body Boot Camp is the fastest-growing boot camp fitness franchise in the world.

Shawna credits much of her own growth to the best-in-class business support while attributing brand-wide expansion to a strong company vision. Driven by a strong leadership team, that vision accommodates unparalleled consumer demand and trends while building a brand-wide community.

“The leadership team at Fit Body Boot Camp is second-to-none in terms of business expertise and fitness industry insights,” Shawna said. “Bedros and the rest of the leadership team always manages to stay several steps ahead of the rest of the fitness industry, helping our brand stay ahead of the trends, capitalize on unparalleled consumer demand and experience such incredible business growth at every level.”

However, even more important than her business’ growth is the community she has been able to build within her business.

“Although I have more than 200 members at my gym now, I’m more proud of the fact that I have a core group of 15 or 20 members who have been with me for more than 10 years,” Shawna said. “I pride myself on the community aspect of my gym, and that level of longstanding member retention is just a testament to the strength of those bonds we create.”

Strength and Scalability are the Keys to Success

In addition to running her Fit Body Boot Camp franchise, Shawna also owns two other businesses, including an online fitness program with more than 50,000 customers.

“For me, it’s always been about helping as many people as I can, as much as I can – which I do every day with my businesses,” Shawna said. “The fact that I’m able to simultaneously run multiple growing businesses is, in no small part, because of the undeniable strength, scalability and support that comes with Fit Body Boot Camp fitness franchise opportunities. As an owner, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want because the model is built to scale to any level.”

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form at, email [email protected] or call (888) 638-3222.

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