Fit Body Boot Camp’s core values – drive change, exceed expectations – apply not only to the workouts our franchisees facilitate in markets around the globe, but they also apply to how we operate in the world as well as in each community.

We are continuing our mission to inspire wellness and change lives beyond the walls of Fit Body Boot Camp gyms with a new fundraising initiative, Charity Check-In, that aims to raise $250,000 for charitable causes over the next year. Fit Body Boot Camp’s Charity Check-In begins this month (October) with hundreds of gyms in the franchise aiming to raise more than $25,000 in 30 days for Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization that focuses on prevention of and education on breast cancer.[i]

There are many benefits for franchisees who participate in the initiative, including increased visibility and brand awareness. Participation will also endear their Fit Body Boot Camp gyms to their communities.

How Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Owners Help

Here’s how Fit Body Boot Camp’s Charity Check-In works:

Every month, Fit Body Boot Camp will support one cause. Six will be causes supported by global organizations, and six will be causes supported by local organizations. The global organizations are selected by the headquarters team, while the local organizations are chosen by franchisees, who know their communities better than anyone else.

Fit Body Boot Camp locations will donate every month to help provide funding for:

  • Delivery of healthcare to children
  • Empowerment of young people to make a difference in the world
  • Research and awareness of deadly diseases and traumatic conditions
  • Boosting humanitarian aid
  • Support for homeless and abused animals
  • The fight against hunger
  • The purchase of holiday gifts for children
  • Promoting clean drinking water
  • Driving awareness of the need for blood donations
  • Providing school supplies for underprivileged children

Through previous charity campaigns, Fit Body Boot Camp has had tremendous success helping philanthropic organizations serve their constituents. Working as a unified force with our franchise owners, we accomplished the following:

  • Helped nearly 100 children get adopted through Compassion International
  • Donated $250,000 worth of toys to Toys for Tots in 2018
  • Donated almost $1 million to Shriners Children’s Hospital

A Client-Driven Campaign Each Month

Fit Body Boot Camp clients play an integral part in the Charity Check-In initiative.

Starting with the Bright Pink campaign, clients at participating locations can join the fight against breast cancer by checking-in at their Fit Body Boot Camp gym on Facebook and Instagram throughout October. Each time a client checks in using the hashtag #fbbcfightsbreastcancer, their location will donate to Bright Pink.

Each campaign will be assigned similar hashtags from the Fit Body Boot Camp headquarters team. Franchisees will share these hashtags with their coaches, who will encourage clients to use them when they check in.

In addition to hashtags, Fit Body Boot Camp will provide other marketing collateral to boost awareness of each cause and the brand’s part in helping it.

Ultimately, the initiative will create public relations and marketing opportunities for franchise locations at the local level and for the brand on a global scale.

The Rewards of Philanthropy

Supporting charities is good for business, both inside and outside the walls of each franchise location.

On top of feeling great after their 30-minute workouts, clients also feel good about participating in the initiative, thus enhancing the community spirit inherent in the Fit Body Boot Camp concept. This has the potential to boost referrals and organic marketing, which allows franchise owners to focus on serving their clients.

Fit Body Boot Camp team members feel good, too. While they’re an important part of helping clients feel better, they also want to do additional meaningful work and contribute to something greater than themselves. The Charity Check-In initiative gives them the opportunity to contribute to their communities and beyond.

Besides the satisfaction franchisees feel for being a part of something bigger than themselves, they also appreciate the autonomy of selecting which local charity they want to support.

The larger community also looks more favorably upon Fit Body Boot Camp because it’s a fitness franchise with a heart. Caring is an attractive quality to consumers. By helping local and large, global charitable organizations, businesses endear themselves to their communities. When that happens, community members typically want to become customers, or, in this case, Fit Body Boot Camp clients.

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