The fitness industry is strong in 2019 and getting stronger. With a nationwide drive to improve their health, more Americans are purchasing gym memberships and working out. In 2018, memberships increased by 2.6 percent over 2017, from 60.9 million to 62.5 million. Members visited their gyms 6 billion times in 2018 and contributed to a 7.8 percent revenue growth, up from $30 billion in 2017 to $32.3 billion in 2018.

Fitness franchises are reaping the rewards as consumers become more health conscious. Astute entrepreneurs have taken notice of the unrelenting demand and are investing in gym or club franchises. But, not every fitness franchise is created equal. Those that best meet consumer demand are growing quickly – such as Fit Body Boot Camp. With more than 700 locations – and counting – in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, Fit Body Boot Camp is the fastest growing fitness boot camp brand.

What do Consumers Want from Their Fitness Franchises?

The No. 1 priority among gym members is to achieve their goals, whether that’s losing weight, getting fit or simply maintaining their health. However, 89 percent of them never see those desired results. This fact, coupled with the growing demand for specialized workout plans, has stunted big box gym growth and, in turn, consumers have turned their attention to fitness franchise concepts, like Fit Body Boot Camp, that satisfy their preferences.

  • Results

At Fit Body Boot Camp, our clients achieve results quickly. For example, a client in New Mexico lost 35 pounds in eight weeks. Dramatic transformations are common at our boot camps, where experienced and certified personal trainers lead 30-minute high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workout sessions. Our workouts help our clients burn twice the amount of calories than the typical, non-guided, moderate workout at the gym. Our HIIT sessions trigger an afterburn effect, which means our clients continue to burn calories up to 36 hours after their workout.

But, it’s not just body transformation taking place. Other aspects of clients’ lives improve, too, because they feel better and have increased confidence. It’s these results that are helping the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise grow. Case in point: That client in New Mexico is now one of our franchise owners.

  • Convenience

Time-crunched consumers want everything quickly and easily. Those demands are why we see the rise of drive-thrus, delivery apps and smart speakers. They want their workouts to be quick, too. While workouts at other fitness franchises typically last 60 minutes, Fit Body Boot Camp trainers lead transformative HIIT workout sessions in just 30 minutes. Because of the intensity and afterburn effect, they don’t need to be any longer. Since our sessions are only 30 minutes, our clients can easily fit in a workout during the busiest of days.

  • Community

Although convenience is important, consumers also want to feel like they’re part of a community. Fit Body Boot Camp provides a strong sense of belonging through several avenues:

  • Sessions include up to 30 clients at a time and are empowering because of the support from fellow clients as well as trainers. There’s no pressure or competition among clients – just results.
  • Trainers work closely with each client, learning about their goals and fitness history. Fit Body Boot Camp trainers are a valuable resource for tips on both fitness and nutrition.
  • Accountability is one of the major draws to group fitness models. Clients feel like they let down other members of their group if they don’t show up for a session. Fit Body Boot Camp takes accountability to another level. Trainers monitor each client’s goals, check in with them, and provide support when needed.

Everybody appreciates affordability, even if they’re willing to pay more for services or products. In addition to results, convenience and community, consumers are enrolling with Fit Body Boot Camp because membership is budget-friendly. For $5 a day (versus the average of $20 a day at most specialty fitness franchises), clients get to work with a personal trainer, their results are tracked and they’re held accountable for the work they put into achieving their goals.

The Secret to Growing Strong

Naturally, when people are pleased with something, they talk about it. If it’s a product or a service, they recommend it to their friends and people in their networks. Referrals can be very powerful, but most fitness franchises don’t rely on them alone. However, Fit Body Boot Camp’s tremendous growth since 2010 is largely attributed to word of mouth. We have not spent a dime on traditional advertising. By helping our clients achieve results quickly in an atmosphere they love, their good news spreads quickly, more clients enroll at our franchise locations and our brand continues to expand at a rapid pace.

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form at, email [email protected] or call (888) 638-3222.

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