You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so the success of your gym franchisee’s grand opening is crucial to a strong start in business. That’s why we provide our Fit Body Boot Camp franchisees with comprehensive franchise marketing support throughout the weeks leading up to their grand opening.

Not only does this help them generate awareness and excitement for their new business, but it also helps them build a robust client base before they even officially open their doors.

Here’s more on our comprehensive grand opening marketing support:

Following the Marketing Formula to Build Brand Awareness and Affinity

At Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise, we’ve created a proven strategy to help gym owners attract their initial client base and continue building on that momentum.

Our fitness franchise’s step-by-step marketing strategy begins 12 weeks before you open the doors to your gym. This timeline typically begins the second you identify your fitness club’s location and address.

Our comprehensive marketing program features a multi-channel approach to digital marketing, including a combination of traditional local PR support and media outreach, promotional giveaways, e-mail campaigns and social media ads to generate awareness, nurture leads and convert those leads into paying clients.

Starting Off on the Right Foot with Potential Clients

The first part of our grand opening marketing strategy is all about generating awareness for your opening and helping you become known in your market. Specifically, that means leveraging our local media outreach and PR support. It also includes following our two-phase formula to build an e-mail list of prospects.

In order to generate local awareness and media coverage, we have partnered with the nation’s premier PR agency specializing in franchising. This helps our franchisees gain exposure for their location, drive new business and take their grand opening to the next level – all at no cost to them.

The 60-day PR support program includes a media contact list and a press release announcing the opening. Meanwhile, our PR vendor will conduct outreach to local print and online reporters, TV producers, bloggers and social media influencers, in an effort to secure local media coverage for the new opening.

For the two-phase prospect-building process, we help you build your e-mail list and generate leads by offering multiple membership giveaways.

Because you’re offering free memberships to your gym, these giveaways don’t cost you a penny – but they pay in dividends when it comes to building awareness and bringing people into your facility.

Setting the Tone for a Strong First Impression

Once you have the leads on your e-mail list, you can begin converting these leads into paying clients.

We will provide you with a detailed 12-week schedule, broken down by day, outlining the content to include in each e-mail in the lead nurturing campaign.

These e-mails help communicate your gym’s value proposition while showing prospects the tangible benefits and results achieved by previous Fit Body Boot Camp clients.

The e-mails and social media ads will also give leads who didn’t win the giveaway an opportunity to join the Grand Opening Program, which offers memberships at a highly-discounted rate. This helps create a sense of urgency and excitement among prospects while converting the rest of your leads into paying clients.

We strongly recommend you open with the number of people you can serve at a high level to give them a strong Fit Body Boot Camp experience. For most locations, this means acquiring 100 to 150 paying prospects for your Grand Opening 6-Week Ultimate Transformation Program.

By providing an unsurpassed level of service to these clients, you begin to build a positive reputation and can draw from a strong network of referrals and recommendations.

Backed by best-in-class marketing strategies and comprehensive grand opening support, Fit Body Boot Camp franchisees can begin building brand awareness and affinity from the very start.

How to Start Your Own Fit Body Boot Camp Gym Franchise

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