Recently the VP of Fit Body Boot Camp franchises, Bryce Henson, was featured on NASM, The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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My name is Bryce Henson and I’m a part of the fit body boot camp franchise. I was certified as a personal trainer through NASM back in 2009 and since 2018 have been acting as the vice president of our corporate office in Chino Hills, California. I got into fitness because when I moved from the Midwest to Southern California back in 2005.

I lacked confidence. I lack self esteem really specifically around my physique. That was about 20 pounds of fat overweight, and through the period of six months under personal training, my physique absolutely changed. My life, absolutely changed. I had a friend came up to me, started asking me about how I worked out, how I ate, and it occurred to me that the huge transformation that I went through that changed my life.

I could actually pass that on to other people. So that’s when I started group training within the fit body boot camp model, and I started delivering great results. I started building a reputation for myself, and really that’s when my role transitioned to fitness professional to train or to coach to business owner.

There was a client, she was about a hundred pounds overweight. She lacked confidence. She didn’t even look you in the eye. We ended up working together for a period of about two years, and in those two years she ended up losing a hundred pounds in. The biggest sense of satisfaction wasn’t just a hundred pounds that she lost, but it was the person that she became in the process.

The biggest piece of fulfillment is just knowing that as a fitness professional, I could change that person’s life. And that has been the catalyst and really the reason that I get out of bed early and I stay late and I’m so passionate about the fitness industry because I get to impact. I get to inspire and I get to change lives every day.

Bryce Henson Currently Owns 4 Locations

Bryce has his own success story with Fit Body Boot Camp franchises as a multi-location owner.

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