Fit Body Boot Camp franchisee Toni Lacey has always had a passion for helping others. Prior to becoming an owner she worked with hundreds of patients as a respiratory therapist. Fitness was not always on her radar, but after moving from Canada to Texas, Toni decided to join her first gym as an avenue to create meaningful personal connections in her new town. This is where she discovered a newfound passion for fitness and the ability to really help and connect with people.

“I have always loved helping people and making them feel better about themselves, and I really fell in love with group fitness as soon as I tried it myself,” Toni said. She had also lost 50 pounds on her fitness journey. “I just didn’t really connect the dots about owning a gym until a few years into my own fitness journey, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to help others feel the same level of achievement I did.”

Toni first heard about Fit Body Boot Camp from a longtime friend who owned a franchise, and she’d always admired the results and community with in Fit Body Boot Camp. Toni decided to merge her personal and professional interests by opening her own Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.

Managing a Business While Managing Her Health

In the midst of her journey, however, Toni was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and she was faced with another substantial life change.

“That was a big shock and completely altered a lot of things about my life,” said Toni. “On the outside, I looked completely healthy and was even in the best physical shape of my life, but it really goes to show you that you don’t always know what people are dealing with that might be invisible to you.”

This has really helped Toni understand and connect with clients.

“I definitely had to change some aspects of my life and, as a business owner, it’s all about time and stress management, so I always had to remind myself to look after myself,” Toni said. “I have an amazing team and an amazing franchise that supports me so I am able to lean on them when I need to take a step back.”

Tony Lacey fitness franchisee and clients

Building a Business and Making a Difference

While successfully building her first business, Toni decided she was ready for another challenge – expanding her footprint with an additional Fit Body Boot Camp franchise. So, just a few years after opening her first gym, she took over ownership of another Fit Body Boot Camp franchise in a neighboring town.

“I just love the relationships we build with clients, and I really wanted to have an even greater impact by growing my business,” Toni said. “It’s not just about weight loss, either. At Fit Body Boot Camp, we really are about making our clients feel good about themselves, helping them build relationships and feel motivated and uplifted.”

Toni is now in remission for her MS and credits part of her progress with the positive and holistically healthy environment that surrounds her every day.

“I think having a more active and healthy lifestyle and a very rewarding business has helped me manage my symptoms and really have a generally better outlook on life,” Toni said. “The atmosphere we’ve been able to create at these gyms, and seeing people’s faces light up after a great workout makes my job that much more fulfilling.”

Toni continued, “I never thought I would be comfortable in a leadership role, much less the owner of multiple businesses, but I quickly hit my stride with Fit Body Boot Camp. They are an amazing franchise that sets you up for success.”

Toni now owns two franchises and has grown her membership to almost 400.

“The amount of satisfaction and fulfillment I receive from the business is immeasurable,” she said. “Becoming a Fit Body Boot Camp Owner is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

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