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Tom and Katie Hough have been together for 15 years, married for seven and have owned their Fit Body Boot camp location in Richardson, Texas for the past three. As they’ve built their lives and business together over the years, they have been each other’s support system through it all.

Tom and Katie originally worked at the same company. He was in security, and she was a project manager. However, when Tom’s brother unexpectedly passed away in 2014, Tom realized life is short and began searching for opportunities to fulfill his passion for health and fitness.

“I always wanted to be in the fitness industry, but never really had a reason to do it,” Tom said.

Seizing the Opportunity to Succeed

Initially, he began researching how to become a trainer but soon realized that owning his own gym was a more appealing route. Tom knew he wanted to provide training to groups of people, help them achieve serious results and offer nutrition to his members. During his research, he discovered Fit Body Boot Camp.

“We found Fit Body Boot Camp on a couple of YouTube videos. After talking with them and seeing the model, I thought, ‘This is exactly what I always wanted to do,’” he said.

For Tom, it was an instantaneous match made in heaven.

Collaborating to Make Dreams into Reality

While Tom was working on achieving his goals, Katie was working full time to financially support and encourage Tom’s dream.

“Tom’s not one to do something halfway, so I knew he’d done his research and this was something he wanted to do,” said Katie.

For Tom and Katie, going into this business together was always in the cards. They are each other’s biggest support system and are in it together 100 percent.

Both Katie and Tom agree that their relationship has helped them build their community.

“When we’re bringing on team members or we’re signing up new members and they can see we’re normal people, we’re in a relationship and we have similar struggles in life – and now we have a son – that’s very relatable,” explained Tom.

Two Halves Make a Whole

When it comes to delegating roles, Katie takes on planning and executing tasks thanks to her penchant for organization. Tom on the other hand, with his outgoing and energetic personality, focuses on the marketing and sales aspects of gym operations.

“Knowing each other on that deeper level allows you to play those roles out a lot stronger,” added Tom.

At the end of the day, seven years of marriage have only added more to Tom and Katie’s successful co-ownership of a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.

For other married couples thinking about becoming franchisees, they say that being open and giving your all to one another makes your partnership stronger in the long run.

“You have to have that undying trust in one another for you to be able to give each other feedback and really be on the same page,” said Tom.

To learn more about the gym franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form or call (888) 638-3222.

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