For us, it all starts with support. We are in the service industry so it’s important to us that our owners get the support they need as they build and grow their Fit Body Boot Camp locations. Whether you’re a new owner opening your first Fit Body Boot Camp location or a seasoned owner opening up your fourth Fit Body Boot Camp facility, you can count on world-class support and guidance to help operate and manage your business.

Our business philosophy is based on turnkey and done-for-you programs that take the guesswork out of running a business. Our dedicated Marketing, Social Media, Business Coaching, and Operations Teams here at Fit Body Boot Camp continue to develop, test, and launch technology, marketing, sales, operations and cutting-edge fitness training programs for your business, so you can spend more time servicing your clients and helping them reach their fitness goals.


We have a dedicated Marketing Team whose sole focus is to research, develop, and launch marketing programs that generate buzz, create awareness, and drive leads, prospects, and clients to YOUR Fit Body Boot Camp location.
All of our provided marketing programs are completely done-for-you. This includes the development of your customized website, Facebook Fan page, online web promotions, optimizing and monitoring your customized website, keyword research, website rankings, and Web 2.0 promotions.
From Facebook and YouTube videos to the development of proven offline marketing promotions such as postcards, lead boxes, direct mail letters, flyers, door hangers, and even ready to use and done-for-you email promotions, we’ve got it all covered!
We take care of creating the content and remove all the confusion out of advertising and marketing your Fit Body Boot Camp location. This ensures that your campaigns will be consistent, and the messaging will be clear and coordinated to your target audiences.


Fit Body Boot Camp owners have access to a dedicated Technology Team that is focused on making sure our owners are provided with proven technologies.
We pride ourselves on keeping our websites at the top of search engine results with cutting-edge layouts and designs that maximize lead generation and online presence. The Fit Body Boot Camp technology team also masters up-and-coming technologies so that your business and website remains up-to-date with the most advanced technology.
Our Technology Team creates and hosts your official website, along with working with the Fit Body Boot Camp Marketing Team to ensure that your online marketing programs and campaigns are in sync with your website and Web 2.0 properties.


As a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, you’re never alone, with ongoing access to our dedicated business development team. With training videos, webinars, Q&A sessions, phone support calls, and live events, we’ve always got you covered—no matter what.


We have a dedicated Operations Team that is tasked with the creation and refinement of our operational systems and processes. We believe it is vital that our Fit Body Boot Camp owners have this type of support for their daily operations. This includes the creation of done-for-you daily workouts, exercise libraries, new lead and member tracking, contracts, and other vital operational resources.


Additionally, we negotiate, set up, and manage various synergistic partnerships that benefit our owners in numerous ways. We have partnerships with various workout equipment companies where Fit Body Boot Camp owners receive wholesale discounts on top-of-the-line quality products. We also have marketing partnerships with daily deal companies (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) and promotional companies that co-brand and market Fit Body Boot Camp locations to their customers.


Fit Body Boot Camp owners also get access to ongoing education that keeps them updated with the industry’s latest sales, marketing and operational concepts.
Owners and their trainers can attend Fit Body Boot Camp University—a multi-day program that offers a combination of hands-on experience and classroom knowledge.
Owners are also granted access to a secure, members-only web portal that houses a repository of valuable information to greatly assist owners in the operation of their successful Fit Body Boot Camp locations.
Our owners also receive bimonthly Fit Body Boot Camp Insider newsletters that highlight relevant news topics, upcoming events, and the most effective strategies working for Fit Body owners worldwide. As an additional benefit, from time to time, Fit Body Boot Camp Owners also get access to unique and exclusive marketing programs and products that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars.

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