Do I Fit into Fit Body Boot Camp’s Culture?

Company culture may seem to be little more than just the latest business buzzword, but it’s central to your fulfillment and satisfaction in any workplace. A strong culture becomes even more critical in a franchise system, where each owner embodies the values, vision and identity behind the brand. Essentially, the culture is the fabric that […]

Join the 28-Day Fit Body Stronger Together Challenge During the Quarantine

As we all learn how to manage and cope with the many uncertainties facing us, the one thing we can do is try to use this time wisely for positive changes in our bodies, our health and our mindset. Even while we safely quarantine and practice social distancing, this is still possible. Our mission at […]

Owning a Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise is a Marriage of Love and Fitness

Tom and Katie Hough have been together for 15 years, married for seven and have owned their Fit Body Boot camp location in Richardson, Texas for the past three. As they’ve built their lives and business together over the years, they have been each other’s support system through it all. Tom and Katie originally worked […]

How Fit Body Boot Camp Attracts and Retains New Clients

Collecting water is futile when you have a hole in your bucket. You can keep pouring water in, but most of it will flow out the hole. At some point, you will become frustrated, stop and remain thirsty. Building up gym memberships is similar. You can sign all the members you want, but what good […]

Why the Top Fitness Trends of 2020 Can Mean Big Business for Fit Body Boot Camp

Foresight may not be 20/20, but if current trends and demand are any indication, the fitness industry is positioned for impressive growth in the coming year. One in five Americans belongs to at least one gym – a membership increase of more than 25 percent over the past decade.[i] Featuring a healthy annual growth rate and […]

How to Prepare Your Team for the Post-Holiday Rush

While future gym-goers psyche themselves up during the holidays for getting fit in the new year, the teams at Fit Body Boot Camp franchises are preparing for the influx of new clients. Every year on Jan. 1, millions of Americans resolve to get in shape. They buy new workout gear, shoes and gym memberships. Gym […]

How to Market Your Gym Franchise to Get the Most Out of the Holiday Season

The scales don’t always tip in our favor during the holidays. Last-minute shopping trips and countless get-togethers make carving out time for the gym challenging, and avoiding decadent seasonal treats can be just as difficult. Long story short, many people put a pause on healthy habits until the New Year. Without a comprehensive strategy in […]